June 23, 2022
Building A Team with Good Teamwork

A team with good teamwork is an essential unseen element in any organisation. Starting a team is as easy as getting people together for something to work on, an objective. They may have different age ranges, orientations, specialisation and hobbies but once they commit to a goal, they become a team.

A team, though, does not necessarily equal good teamwork. It sometimes takes a while for them to establish rapport, trust and be akin to a well-oiled machine. Being in a closed setting like the office day in and out may be hampering knowing team members as more than just employees of the company.

Some tips to building a good teamwork

  1. Straightforward goals and intentions – A team must have clear goals and intentions. Its purpose and objectives is the soul of the team and the main reason it was created.
  2. Clear roles, delegations for both leaders and members.
  3. Respecting individuality – blunders and sometimes even chaos results from differences and a lack of understanding.
  4. Open communication – open lines of communication builds trust and makes for easier transparency.
  5. Diversity can work for your team – sharing skills and experiences can help in delegating tasks to the best person suited for it.
  6. Work and have fun together – A team’s strengths and weaknesses can reveal themselves while doing tasks. Having fun with the team sometimes can be used to patch gaps and be the avenue to know more about each other.
  7. Sharing the concept of the big picture – reminding the team of the end goal and how to get there efficiently with the least fuss.

Team building, although not a recognised distinct element, can be crucial in building a solid team. This time is often used to not just mingle freely but also to find solutions to problems in a productive way. A different venue often is taken as  neutral ground and may offer fresh perspectives enhancing problem solving and productivity.

Fun Day Out Corporate enhances your team’s output through activities that bring them together to motivate and energise your team and help them bridge their differences together. Call us now at 02 8011 1087 and let us tailor an event for you.

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