August 6, 2022
Collaborative Team Building Activities – Why Companies Need Them

Collaborative team building activities aim to make a random group of people a team. Many organizations choose to incorporate team-building activities into their annual calendar of events. According to, “Team building is about bringing employees together to develop a common purpose and bond so that they can learn to work effectively as a team.”

A team building activity that is well thought of can have positive results for the company. Increased employee morale and an improved company culture among others. By working together in a structured environment, team members are more likely to become friends outside of work. This can lead to stronger and more long-lasting bonds between employees, which can improve productivity and the overall success of an organization. When employees are happy and passionate about their work, they will be more likely to produce better results and help the organization grow.

The benefits of collaborative team building are numerous, but the most beneficial aspect is that it can help a company attract and retain exceptional employees. If your organisation is hiring top-notch talent, it only makes sense to build strong relationships among existing employees as well. A happy and productive workforce can help your company reach new heights, so it’s never a bad idea to invest in your employees’ well-being. 

Support an Aussie Farmer Activity

Make it a basic fun day out on a family owned 100 acre orchard originally purchased in 1923 is now in their 3rd generation. The Christie’s are as passionate as ever about creating quality farm produce and making ‘farm life’ accessible to everyone. As co-owner Jamie explains, ‘We wamt everyone to know more about where their food comes from. To have the opportunity to eat fruit straight from the trees and taste the difference’. A major part of their business is raw honey made from over 50 beehives found on the property. 

Bring your whole team for time on the farm in a fun lighthearted 2 hour race that involves physical challenges, riddles, clues and more. This jaunt can include morning tea, lunch, bee/honey presentation, fruit picking and tractor ride! 

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