October 5, 2022
Company Team Building – Yes Or No?

Company team building is a popular concept in most businesses. Team building activities are encouraged because many believe that it is necessary for organizational success. Proponents of team building exercises say that it helps to create a sense of camaraderie and identification among employees, which ultimately improves productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention. 

Uniting new and old members without team building may take longer than necessary. They will be civil at the very best. But in some companies, you need to not only trust your co-workers but depend on them. 

One distinct advantage of team building is improving communication. Not just with words but in action. Through this clearer communication overall productivity increases not to mention harmony or something close to it.

Fun Day Out Corporate have a number of fun, creative and enjoyable activities that will get the team to participate and bond with each other.

Bring the team for some good old fashioned competition and fun! Hijinx Hotel is themed as a quirky New York hotel.  This venue houses a number of challenge room sets, with each set consisting of 5 interactive rooms and making up to a 30 minute experience.

Each room within a set is designed for 2-6 players, and your group must score as many points  as possible within 4 minutes, before moving on to the next room within your allocated set. 

Overcome challenges like the giant Rubik’s cube, super large scrabble, adult-sized ball pits and hoops and piano musical games. Also good with combination activities like combining Hijinx Hotel experience with a game of Mini Golf at Holey Moley, Australia’s most unique golf venue!

Creating two teams with these challenges and obstacles will subtly nudge each member to come up with a team plan and communicate well to execute the plan and win as a team.

A cohesive team has one goal in mind and that is to work together. Company team building may help. When they are able to communicate freely with each other they can more easily do the task at hand. A strong team is one that has a definite sense of belonging. They feel valued. One way to ensure unity is indulging in company team building activities.

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