July 25, 2022
Corporate Team Building Activities : Supporting Mental Health

Corporate team building activities help in supporting mental health. The world finally is easing up from the panic that was Covid. Although we are not out of the woods yet, it is manageable at the very least. Still, some companies are being cautious. And with good reason. The past couple of years found the world in an agitated state pushing the population into a frenzied confusion.  

Another possible unseen concern looms, which is mental health. The abrupt changes and unfamiliarity of surroundings can be triggers. Mental health is not dependent on age, gender or financial standing. It is important in all stages of life, be it in childhood or in adult life.

Most companies recognise this need to prioritise mental health. Mental wellbeing needs to be closely monitored more so after the recent upheavals of the last couple of years. From being anxious to being shoved with pro and anti consequences and conspiracy theories of why everything is happening and the uncertain future. 

Some studies show that connections and occasions bring people together not just physically but also emotionally. That this emotional connection can be the way of reaching someone on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Companies are becoming even more responsive in addressing this concern. Organisations and companies are acknowledging the importance of supporting the mental health of their staff and employees.

Connecting over a cup of coffee

Coffee brings us together, to form connections, to discuss new thinking and ideas. The ritual of a great cuppa and the value of conversation is the mechanism that brings people together. It doesn’t even need to be anything in particular.

This experience is designed to offer you and your team an interactive experience through the brewing and tasting of coffee while exploring its history and bean to cup journey. 

Fun Day Out Corporate team building activities offers more than a cuppa, of course. This activity introduces participants to the origins of Arabica coffee, Underground Coffee Roasters processing and fermentation, and roasting overview of chemical reactions. They will be encouraged to choose their own blend, roast their beans and bag their coffee for them to take home. 

More than just “a cup of coffee” – its the chance to know more about their tastes, their habits and just get to know each other. Behind that “do you want a cup of coffee?” is the message of, “how are you? Do you want to talk about it?”

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