May 18, 2022
Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Australia’s workforce stands at more than 60% of the population. This is a strong number of people in a workplace. The workplace is the one area where stress can be found lurking anywhere. Working for a living is never easy. It becomes doubly hard when one needs to show up but does not want to. There may be hidden issues as to why this is.

The common workplace demands certain things for all its workers. A typical organisation should have a pleasant and respectful atmosphere. Staff are to be treated with respect, have job security, be paid correspondingly and have fair career advancement opportunities for their skills and abilities. In turn, employees are expected to be ready to work and to conduct themselves properly.

The workplace, though, can be filled with stressors like office politics, which can be a silent killer. It can have unfavourable consequences on their mental health. It can also be due to job insecurity, long work hours and an inability to move up the ladder.

To ease some of the stress-related tension and get to know teammates a little better, a bit of time outside the workplace might be in order. Family days, corporate get-aways and team outings can help in smoothing out dealings and relationships within the workplace.

Of course, stress is not limited in the workplace. But some factors can add to  an already growing concern that it can become unbearable. Anxiety, spacing out, lethargy are but a few of the signs of stress an employee might show. April is stress awareness month. And stress, even if it is hard to quantify, is a contributing factor for many physical and mental health issues.

Mental health is not something anybody should take lightly.  It can alter behaviours, trigger feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, anger and fear. A good corporate culture can lessen some stress concerns which can help mental health. Good mental health can further improve physical health, both of which can greatly influence an employee to do their best. Everyday.

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