September 2, 2022
Team Building Activities, Better Communication

Team building activities are not created equal. Just like no company is ever the same, its environment and culture differs from one from another. This is because of their policies and more importantly can be influenced by the people of the company.

Today’s business setting is cutthroat and fierce. The competition can be brutal trying to claim a position at work or at an organisation. This could set the tone once the employee is in. As with most companies and organisations, some people will go and new ones will be welcomed in. The period of adjustment may vary depending on the company, the environment and the new person.

This period is usually shortened with the help of team building activities. Team building improves communication between team members and departments. Even if a team is cohesive and running smoothly, once a person leaves, it throws the entire system off. Another one joining can likely be throwing a wrench in the works.

What works? Communication, for one. The usual team building activity is aimed at improving communication. When they are able to communicate freely with each other they can move more easily to work together in achieving goals at hand.

Beyond Communication 

The three golden rules in entertaining three-part series: Communication, communication, communication. Join this workshop for an exciting fast paced team bonding experience that will shake up the way we communicate

The Beyond Communication series offers an exploration of optimised techniques and a versatile toolkit of psychological insights, as facilitated by an entertainer and communications expert. This program focuses on communications skills explored through the lens of puppetry, mime, circus and physical theatre.

The goal of this workshop is to explore respectful ways to communicate both the holding and exploration of boundaries. It examines emotional decision-making in practice and also fosters greater facility for communication. It is designed to grow understanding of social and psychological processes and to build common ground both outside of office power structures and comfort zones.

This is just one of many activities that Fun Day Out Corporate offers to enhance your team’s skills, communication and camaraderie. No matter the size and budget range, we have options that will suit your organisation. Enquire now and let us help you connect your team and work together.

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