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As an employer, providing opportunities for play would seem to be the bottom of your list of responsibilities to your staff, if it even rates on your list at all.

It may (or may not!) surprise you to hear that the productivity and group cohesiveness session of creative play can offer and can outstrip other motivational forms you may offer. Our Bricks workshop provides just that: a sometimes meditative, sometimes competitive break from the grind and a chance for your group to work together to craft some phenomenal creations.

Stop thinking inside the square and start using the square to adapt to curves.

By leading your team through a series of activities designed to expand their ability to think outside the box and creatively meet briefs in new ways, work in teams to build towards a goal and challenge their perceptions of the work and their lives by expressing them in a new medium.

Our Bricks is a veritable mine of opportunity to develop your staff!


  • Inspires team to work together.
  • Encourages collaboration and problem solving.
  • Improves communication.
  • Fosters adapting to change and resilience.
  • Everyone is motivated to get creative.


Explore construction as a team, while using your group’s creative skills to best meet a brief.

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