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Life has been on earth for over one billion years and has adapted and survived through extinctions and crises. Today we face the 7th extinction, only this time it’s human induced! The world is generating mixed solid waste (MSW) in volumes far exceeding its capacity to recycle and manage effectively. Landfills are filling up thus increasing generations of greenhouse gases. This is a pressing global problem.

In Australia, the total volume of MSW generated in 2018 was 67million tonnes, of which 68% was buried in landfill. Our solution is to go “Back to the Future” combining primitive insects with modern machinery.

To win the war on waste, you need to recruit a soldier. A Black Soldier Fly! The black soldier fly is our warrior.

Learn how something as simple as and small as a Soldier Fly colony can make a massive impact. In business each person is like our Solider Flies’ working together towards a goal.


Learn about how a series of biological and mechanical processes converts landfill waste into economically viable products, namely:

  • High grade insect meal
  • High nutrient fertiliser
  • Synthetic coal


In this unique experience you will not only learn how we can save our planet but also have the opportunity of handling some bugs and reptiles in a safe environment.

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