August 18, 2022
Team Building and Inclusion in the Workplace

Inclusion in the workplace is an emerging topic that employers and corporations are feeling a need to put emphasis on. Although Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the rest of Australia have always been inclusive in their community programs and offerings, as Australia is a veritable melting pot of culture, it is still a good thing to always practice inclusion in our activities. 

Importance of inclusion in the workplace

Inclusion is an important issue in any workplace. It has many benefits for both employees and employers. Employees who feel included in the workplace are more engaged and productive.  They are more likely to stay with the company and less likely to leave the organisation. Employers also benefit from inclusive workplaces because they attract employees from different backgrounds. Inclusiveness has been shown to improve creativity and innovation. An inclusive workplace also makes people feel valued and respected, which can help improve employee morale and engagement.

Connect to our Country

Of course, why steer far when there is one right on our doorstep? If your company is operating in Bidjigal, Gadical or Dharug land, which is the Sydney basin, then it is only right that you and your team take the time to understand the people that have cared for this land for over 80,000 years. 

Learn about the First Nations People of Sydney, the oldest surviving culture and how this harsh, beautiful land shaped us and them into the people we are today. 

Fun Day Out Corporate’s connect to our Country highlights includes learning about the dreamtime stories behind star systems – ‘The Emu in the Sky’ and ‘The Sun and Moon’. The indigenous educators share their ancient knowledge and sing indigeous songs accompanied by the Yidkai or the Didgeridoo. It is an awesome team building experience where you can hear about the colourful Convict and Colonial/Modern history of the City beaches.

An inclusive work environment encourages different ideas from different people of totally varying backgrounds. The dissimilarity of backgrounds offers more perspectives and probably solutions to problems that may arise in an organisation. These are the differences that can make a difference.

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